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Panzerkampfwagen PANTHER. Tamiya's 1/35 early G

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I was going to have a day finishing my B-29, but a couple of touches to the Panther led to it being finished late last night.

So taking Tamiya's kit No 35170, what's been added? The kit came with Verlinden's resin zimmerit, designed for this kit, which was either too small or too large. Added to that was an Eduard zoom set for the engine fan grills and the tow cable bracket. That was about it.

I tried Lifecolor's panzer paint set on this and the paint sprayed fine, I've no complaints there. The whole thing was finished using Humbrol's superb weathering powders. So, without further ado, here's the pickies. It will have a crew member in the turret hatch when he's finished.








This was an easy and enjoyable kit to build ('swat the hobbies all about innit?) and there's a potential for another late G and a couple of Jagdpanthers in the stash. However, there is a Tiger or two and..................................


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A thing of beauty!

I love the way the paint finish has been toned down.


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I love the way the paint finish has been toned down.

I don't think the Lifecolor paints are that 'strong' colour wise. A dusting of my Normandy mix of weathering powder, toned everything down. It wasn't a designed feature as it were.


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