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Airbrush/Compressor Connector Question

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I need to connect an Iwata Revolution airbrush (HP-TR2) to my Revell Standard Class compressor. Can someone tell me what sort of coupling I need? I'm possibly being slightly dim, but it doesn't seem to be obvious how the advertised sizes relate to the fittings. For example, the hose I have for the airbrush claims to have 1/8th inch connectors and fits the airbrush quite happily, but, whichever way I measure it, it seems much larger than 1/8th inch - the internal diameter of the threaded female connector is about 3/8th inch by my reckoning.



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Revell compressors typically have a 1/4" male outlet - this will measure about 13mm outside diameter, so you most likley need a 1/4" female to 1/8" male connector like this.

Most Revell compressors are supplied with a brass step down connector fitted to the outlet to allow Badger hoses to be used with them (5mm outside diameter) - if this is the case, just remove this & fit a 1/4"F > 1/8"M connector.

BSP sizes relate to the pipe the fittings are fitted to rather than the actual fitting itself, hence the confusion....

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