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Vampire Trainer refurbishing 1/48 - saved from the bin?

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Want to show some of my Vampire refurbishing project:

This is an old Hobbycraft Vampire kit with all its know errors I never finished.

Found it in the attic some time ago and decided not to throw it away (yet)

so I tried to correct the dihedral/ anhedral issue, and hope to improve the front canopy- fuselage transition.

some pics:




the canopy itself will be a big challenge though......

Thanks for looking and any kind of comment!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

although no too many replies till now, I will keep on posting some progress, hope you don't mind!





mainly cleanup and seam work, the canopy was also troubling me quite a bit!

hope you start to like her a bit more now ;)

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I think the too bulbous nose is making the canopy appear to sit too high. I think I would try adding a few mm to the nose. Although your model will then be a little too long, it will allow you to rework the nose to the more pointed appearance of the original and might make the canopy look a bit more in proportion to the nacelle. The other thing you could try, if you can get the canopy separated from the model, is to have it open. This will break up the outline of the aircraft, thus drawing the eye away from the problem.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Thanks for your input Martin!

actually I did not know about those inaccuracies till now!! but crosschecked with my CA kit I had somewhere in my stash to build at a later date... the canopy is hardly comparable to say the least ;)

not sure if I can improve on that now :(

at the same time I noted that my intakes are not too well either....

Regards, :)

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I`ll stay tuned as I like british jet trainer of the sixties!

I built this kit too, and it was a lot of fun to improve this kit. I`ve built one in restoration condition with wooden structure, a fact what make this airctaft absolutely fascinating.

It`s not an easy task to built this old canadian kit, but if you like this one, so there is no obstacle.

I`m curious what`s coming out!

Greetz Dirk

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thanks for the detail pics!

very helpful!

one of the main problems i think I have found, is that the front windscreen is too steep on the hobbycraft kit ... no way I can correct this....

I try now o correct the shape transition between the fuselage sides and the canopy, as it slopes? down in a characteristic way... maybe the nosejob will also improve the looks...




we will see!

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  • 1 year later...


nearly binned her,

but finally sanded a lot, and a lot more.... and decided to give her one more try

canopy was also remodeled, to a not so good effect....



looking better in black, but still no beauty!



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I'd heard it had faults, but don't give in, every model is a blank canvas to which you sculpt and paint to your satisfaction. So far it's looking good.

The Vampire is yet another type that operated locally- about a mile behind the house I lived in at RAF Worksop- a bit before my time though, I was born 7 years after the station closed for good.

Remember as well, the T11 is preserved in large numbers and many uk museums have at least 1 example.

Regards Rad

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  • 1 year later...

not sure if I should even update this thread...

repainted her again,

maked the lower wing numbers, not sooo great. :(



marked the tail for a white fin flash base and painted with tamia rattle can and Revell enamels.. both only worked partially well



red will be next.... :banghead:

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Looking good and, more importantly, it looks more like a T.55 now.

I tried doing the same whilst in Sweden and worked on and off on it over six years. Very little of the original kit remained. Unfortunately it was 'Mombasa's' when we moved to Kenya...

Just might have to get another and crack on again... What am I saying...

Christian, exiled to africa

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