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Revell BSG Viper Mk VII

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Hi all,

A quick out of the box kit to work on - no extras. Fitting is not too bad but I did have to wait a few weeks for replacement parts to come from Revell (if you have this kit, check the engine bits are ok as I have seen a few folks have had the same issue).

All in all, very enjoyable and a nice break from the big build I am working on.






Although the photos might not show it, it does have a slight highlight / lowlight in areas rather than just a flat colour.

I would love to know how folks are getting transfers to "suck" into any cracks on the kit...I tried varnish (Vallejo), decal medium and even a tooth pick but nothing made them stick!

I know many builds have taken to a much deeper blue, I decided on a lighter shade mixed with some steel...what do you think?

All the best.


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Looks good to me. Sometimes with decals and deep lines the only way is to wait until they're good and dry, then slice down the line with a scalpel and use setting solution to draw the 2 cut edges down again...

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Nice looking Viper. :thumbsup2:

As for the decals, I tend to use Microsol. Gets most decals nice and snug. For the more stubborn ones, then some careful slicing around the panel lines works, as Dave said above.

Look forward to your MK.II ;)

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After posting the completed model, I did some research into decal softners and some folks suggested that clear vinegar was as good as any products they tried...

since that was stocked at the local supermarket (for 50p) thought it was worth a shot.

applied it to a decal that I quickly dropped onto another kit and this was the result:


not sure if it is clear or not but it did help pull it into the cracks (with the help of a toothpick)...anyone tried this before?

did not seem to damage any paint under the varnish...

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