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Heller 1/100 SNCASO SO.9000 Trident

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A very poor kit but I'm happy with the result. Hardly any part fitted together without major surgery and copious amounts of filler. The wing comes full span and slots through the fuselage, unfortunately it had a scale gap of 20cm at the wing root! The fuselage and wing tip jet halves didn't line up and the canopy was so undersized it ended up in the bin. The front and rear undercarriage assemblies were a joke so I opted for a "wheels up" display, I also removed the raised detail and scribed the main control surfaces. I decided to do it as a "what if" South African Air Force interceptor with scratch built (fictional) long range AAM and fashioned a new canopy with card former and Milliput. I sprayed the 3-tone camo, brush painted everything else and weathered it before a final matt coat. The stand is from one of those 1/144 F-Toy aircraft.





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