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F-86D Sabre Dog 'J.A.S.D.F COMBO' - Hasegawa 1:72

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F-86D Sabre Dog 'J.A.S.D.F COMBO'

Hasegawa 1:72


In 1948 following an intelligence warning concerning Soviet long range bombers the USAF was prompted to accelerate the development of an all-weather interceptor to protect the US. This interceptor was to be based around the new 2.75 Mighty Mouse Folding Fin Aerial Rocket (FFAR). It was felt at the time that a salvo of such rockets would be more effective against a large bomber formation than cannon fire. These were fitted to the F-86D in a ventral tray which extended under the airframe.

North American designed the interceptor around their already successful F-86A, although the D model only actually had a 25% commonality of parts with other F-86 variants. It had a larger/wider fuselage, a larger after burning engine, a clamshell canopy; and a nose radome hosing an AN-APG-36 all weather radar. The prototype (then called the YF-95) first flew on 22/12/49 becoming the first night fighter with only a single a crew member and a single for the USAF.

Following WWII Japan was denied any military at all. Following the Self Defence Law of 1954 Japan was able to form a Military for Defence of the Japanese state. The newly formed JASDF wanted to procure 150 F-86Ds from the US.

Initially pilots went for training in the US with the first 3 aircraft being handed over in January 1958. In the end Japan only received 122 Sabre dogs, 98 went into service with the remainder being used for part. Part shortages posed a big problem for the JASDF, and in its final days only about 30% of the aircraft were serviceable.

4 squadrons flew the F-86D in JASDF service, 101st, 102nd. 103rd and 105th Hikotai.

The Kit
This kit from Hasegawa has been around for a while yet but is still the best F-86D in 1/72.The kit represents the later model F-86D with the parachute housing. The moulds are starting to show their age a bit as there is a lot of flash on some of the parts, that being aid its great to see the kit being re-released as its been hard to find of late.

Construction of the kit follows the usual steps starting with the cockpit. This is not as detailed as some F-86 kits with the base of the ejection seat being moulded into the cockpit tub. Following this you need to make and add the intake, and exhaust to the fuselage before closing it up. No mention is made of having to add any nose weight, however its pretty sure this will be needed.


With the fuselage complete its time to add the wings. These are conventionally moulded with the slats as deeper panel lines. Hasegawa missed a trick here, the aircraft is rarely seen on the ground with the slats retracted and the kit would have been so much better had this feature been included in the kit.


Following this, it just remains to add all the detail parts to the airframe. The undercarriage is very nice, as its close to scale thickness care must be taken at this stage. If wanted, a complete tray of the mighty mouse rockets can be built and placed under the fuselage, in the down position. The drop tanks are two halved, but the fins are provided as separate parts which will enable the seam to be removed without any trouble. Hasegawa have done a credible job in moulding the rear vortex generators, some additional ones are provided for above the tailplane which the modeller will have to apply themselves.


The canopy is very clear and you can see the antenna lines moulded into the plastic which is good.




Decals are included for 101st, 102nd, 103rd & 105th Sqn aircraft of the JASDF. Separate code letters are included to model near enough any code lettered aircraft you want.

Its great to see this kit out on release again from hasegawa. The double boxing's are a great way of getting more value for your money from Hasegawa; overall recommended.

Review sample courtesy of
logo.jpg UK distributors for logo.jpg

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