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'Balthasar' An M36 Jackson - Serbian Militia

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Here is 'Balthasar'

An M36 that was supplied to the JNA (Yugoslav National Army) after WW2. Apparently all they had ever received since then was a change of radio and a coat of paint. Many were taken out of the barracks and used by the various militia during the Homeland War in the 90's.
The markings are from the Bison sheet. The paint is Lifecolour 4BO. All added detail was made from Plasticard and wire.

Can you work out what the donor kit was?





The model was made from the 1/72 Armourfast clip together range as seen here.



I hope you like it.

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Shot one of these babies up at Travnik ranges with a GPMG back in 1997, it was next to a T34/85.

You really have got the colour spot on, nice work :-)

The only picture i could find of that really fun day brassin up old kit :-)




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Thanks for the kind comments guys.

Dan - next time keep me the paint chips!


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