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P-61 Black widow 1/48

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Excellent work! One of the best models of the P-61, displayed in the net. I really like painting in black colour and believe that such kind of painting in several tones is ideal for the model in dark colours. I wanted to paint my model P-61 in the same way, but you've done it before so I have an exampler.

Let me ask one question about the model: all sources indicate that the P-61 "Night take off" №239525 was a modification "B", but your model is "A" mod. Do you have some sort of new information about it or you just wanted to make a model with such decals?
I would like to know the answer, because I want to use the same decal, but I built model in "B" mod.

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Ivan, from what i know and have read, the only external diference between A and B are the 4 hard point under the wings, and not all the B have them on, so the great wall model can be made as a B model, you will find external differences in the C model, that have different main gear doors, also the super chargers under the engines and a different propeller just to mention some


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George, thanks for the answer!
You are a bit mistaken. A mod is quite different from B. The most notable differences are in the shape of the nose cone and wings wheel bays. B mod on the fairing is long, and the landing gear doors are closed on, unlike open-nish on A mod. In addition the B modes have very visible anti-icing panels on wings and stabilizers.
Here's a photo of my models P-61. Above P-61B (still in the process), the P-61A below. The differences are rather conspicuous.


Mod B can be collected from the model GWH, replacing radar part of a set of monogram (there are two parts, for A and B and closing the main gear doors. On the other hand GWH has already released the P-61B.

But despite these small discrepancies model is still perfect.


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Ivan , you are right, the wheels door are splited and the rear portion always are in the close position, about the nose the shape of the radome stays the same the difference is that the B the fuselage nose section is longer between the cockpit and the radome cone, and yes the B have rubber wing deice boots, but nothing to do now jejeje it will stay as a A with the nose art of a B jejeje, thanks to point out those details


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Just what everyone else said! A superb model of a favourite aircraft of mine. Stunning photography too!

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