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Tornado Gr1 Revell easy kit (how to used up old paint)

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Hi all a few weeks ago I picked up my old Revell Easy Kit tornado for the 90's that i found. It was bought for me as a child.

I was already painted in a very bright green with moulded grey plastic and a silver canopy in some anniversary markings with green yellow tail.

I looked at it and thought it was in pretty good shape except ive not found the stores yet.

I had some humbrol spray can 163 and 27 left and decided to glue it together and paint it just for fun.

I think its made a big improvement and nice to see a 1/100 scale tonka.

It might not be the most sophisticated model but its the most fun ive had in ages and very refreshing to just throw something together for once in a care free manner.

The burners were painted in citadel boltgun metal with citadel nuln oil wash on top and sealed with klear.

Cheers for looking I look forward to your comments. :)










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