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Hi folks this is one I am very happy with its the Pit road boxing of the new Avro Vulcan B2 and a wonderful kit the only fault i can pick is the air intakes would be easier to paint if they had made the turbine fans a separate fitting. I managed to do the white inside but the engine faces are white too as i cant think how to paint them but as they are buried deep it does not matter that much.

The fit was fantastic and this is the second one if have done and will be making more definatly.

The model was painted with Humbrols already excellent but now significantly improved since coming back to the UK. spray cans.

I cant believe how good these are at levelling out and giving a gorgeous almost indestructible finish.

I used hu 163,165 for the top camo green first then grey with the help of blue tak, hu64 for the undersides, and hu 34 for the white patches and intakes,

The radome and fin were hand painted with hu33 with a dash of flow improver from W&N AMAZING STUFF!

Its nice to see a model of a vulcan that finally gets the vulcans sinister looking radome outline right the only company that nailed it before was frog.

The exhausts were brush painted with the excellent citadel paints chain mail.

Any way on to the model all comments and questions welcome.









Here XM599 is seen with XL427





Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy this photo loaded post. :)

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Classic aircraft. Nice.

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Thanks very much jonbru1. I of course agree and im glad to have finally gotten around to doing one in this much less common version of the camo scheme. sort of a hybrid of standard 60s and standard 70s schemes.

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Loving the Vulcan's lately. Must build one...

you go for it the pit road is a great kit to go for, airfix too but more work however nothing to be scared off particulaly if you like milliput filing and sanding.

and the little dragon kits are gorgeous if a bit on the pricey side.

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Cheers mike and jonbru1 they are a nice kit to make up pretty much builds it's self

The decals are pretty good too I used the kit roundels on 427 which look a bit faded and I used the xtradecal 48th sheet for the roundels and fin flash on 599 which gives a darker shade.

Cheers rob ;)

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Yet more class building Rob! I love the white area on the nose.


Cheers John. I do love this scheme one of my favourites and a not very common version. the black nose and white areas do add alot of interest to the undersides on this vulcan and give it a sinister look. i noticed there were variants in this scheme. some had all white belly some have all grey, some with this version and some with just the tail or just the nose white. all good stuff i love diversity it gives me more excuses to keep modeling them i just love it.

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