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Display bases/plinths?


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Hi all,

I have a really quick question for you (apologies if this has already been asked)!

For dioramas and the like, where is the best place to get display bases/plinths etc at a decent price - I have googled and there seems to be a huge range out there (and also very expensive for a bit of wood)!

Many thanks!


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Get yourself down to your nearest B&Q or HomeBase store. Go to the saw cutting area. There you'll find a 'bin' with off cuts of wood. You may find some off-cuts of MDF. Grab a load, get a docket from one of the workers. Either store only charges about £1 or £2 for a load of these off cuts. Last week I got nearly half-a-trolley worth for 20p. **

Get your treasure home and cut it up yourself. MDF gives a nice finish. You can spray it, brush paint it, flock/grass it, or what ever takes your fancy.



** I got bits ranging from 8" x 2'6" down to 4" x 8" in various thickness'

PS: Some builders merchants also have off-cuts which they'll sell you cheaply.

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Thanks Black Knight!

Never thought of that, there is one just round the corner from where I work, will give them a bash today!



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for dioramas n vignetts i find picture frames very usefull. you can pick them up in a veriety of shapes n sizes from places like Wilkinsons n Q D. Tho if your on a real budget mast charity chops have them, they might need a quick coat of paint or varnish but its suprising what you can find

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