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NEW 72nd scale AH-1 Cobra available soon

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I think you are going to sell a ton of these. :thumbsup: The XM-35 system is a nice addition, as well as the XM-158 pods - I'll no longer have to buy Hobby Boss UH-1s just to get these! I look forward to seeing them on sale...

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Any test shots you can tease us with? I really don't remember when I've been this stoked about a forthcoming release since the Zvezda Mi-24... And before that... never :)

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Yes, one could say that the Cobra was born yesterday, when we received the very first test shots. And I am happy to share the pictures with you here. You can see also some imperfections, flashes, undershots, but no worries, it will be okay :-) We also hope to refine the panel lines and rivets even more during the process.

And now, our another Cobra box-art. This time no Nam, but Germany based choppers. Unleash your imagination
and perhaps you can see a Warsaw Pact Mi-24 Hind being chased by this Sharkmouthed Cobra.
Yup, the forest in the backdrop is the Bayerisher Wald / Bohemian Forest on the Czechoslovak borders in the 80s.


fuselage and other common parts

fuselage close up

gun turrets

cockpit, side console details

interior parts, still with some flash, will get it corrected

G version nose and air intakes with its prominent ribs

G tail rotor, different from the other version

G "late" additional armament frame


rocket launchers


rather fine details of the front and rear of the launchers

gun pods

G frame, some parts undershot, but these are only the first test shots that will get improved

G version main-rotor hub details

Q/S versions frame

Q/S versions details

Q/S versions main-rotor hub details

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Hi Petr. The sprues look excellent, I think you have done an amazing selling job on the new Cobra kit. I'll certainly be purchasing a couple if not more.


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Many thanks to all of you !!

Release date? This summer, and I do believe that your patience will be rewarded, this is to be really nice and fine-detailed model.

Now, take a look at our another boxart, this is Spanish AH-1G Cobra, with its (olive coloured) M-35 armament system - cannon and its ammo boxes.

Please note also the adjoining side protection panels.

You can of course find them in our model, as a separate parts, and as you can see, thes panels fit on the fuselage with no problem and only a small ammount

of extra-thin cement is required.


Side armour / protection plate

CAD shot

Without the side protection

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Every model of our Cobras will contain one "universal" sheet of complete stenciling plus extra stencils for particular machines depicted in the box. So for example, here are the sheets for Spanish and Israeli Cobras, the black stencils are those common for all the models, the white stencilling on the main sheet is for Spanish Navy Snakes, plus some stencils in Hebrew also for the Israeli ones.

And one more note regarding our research of these Spanish Cobras, we chose the proper "winged anchor" emblem for the Cobra´s doghouse, not that of the museal machine exhibited overseas, as this one is repainted and of incorrect size / shape / colours.

Or would anybody prefer building model of the museal machine instead?



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