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Kagero Top Drawings for the DKM Battleship Bismarck


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DKM Battleship Bismarck
Kagero Top Drawings


There is not much I can add to the story of the Bismarck as it’s been so thoroughly documented. Yet is seems there can never be enough detail for the modeller to use in their build of this great battleship. To cater for this Kagero have released this book in their Top Drawing series. The softback book has twenty three pages, or sheets as Kagero put it, of line drawings covering the whole ships from stem to stern. Each sheet has a main part of the ship drawn with additional detail of various items around it. Each drawing is beautifully done with some fine detail that would normally have been missed is other titles. The drawings have obviously been done from some excellent references which have resulted in a very useful book for the detail nut. In addition to the ship the last sheet is dedicated to the Arado 196 floatplane. The centre page spread is in full colour showing the Bismarck as it was when sunk. There are also two A1 pullout sheets with renderings of the ship from above, bow, stern and three quarter views. When unfolded the two sheets can be joined together to give a very large poster, in fact it looks like it’s in 1:200 scale even though no scale information is provided, so could be very useful for those lucky modellers who have managed to get their hands on the the new Trumpeter kit.


Although there is no history or career information, this isn’t the raison d’être for this book. The drawings are so well done they include details that no photograph could capture and it is for this reason that it will be a superb resource for the maritime modeller. Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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