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Sopwith Snipe Post War RAF - 1:32 Pheon Decals


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Sopwith Snipe Post War RAF

1:32 Pheon Decals

The release of Wingnut Wings Sopwith Snipe in 'late' form opened up the possibilty of post war colour 'Silver Wing' schemes, and indeed the kit does provide a couple of options. As the Snipe was selected as the mainstay of the post war fighter squadrons there are many more potential schemes, and Pheon Decals have come up with a comprehensive sheet to cover them.

Printed by Fantasy Printshop on A4 sized decal paper, first impressions are excellent. The colours look to be spot on, and have good opacity. Where there is a doubt about original colour, such as the number '5' on option three for the 111 sqn machine, you get both red and black decals to make your own choice with.


The printing is pin sharp and carrier film hard to see, but thin and minimal. Separate centres are provided for the three colour roundels and various parts have cut outs where they need to fit around projecions like footseps. I particularly like the fin markings for option 5, which are supplied as either just the star element for you to paint the black yourself, or as an overall covering for the whole fin. Star mask patterns are in the instructions should you wish to paint the black. Note how beautifully fine the printing is.


It is an intelligently designed sheet, optimised to give you the parts for as many different finishes as possible. There is barely any wasted space, but the designs are not so closely packed as to make it difficult to remove the various elements. Finally, nothing is duplicated from what is already supplied with the kit, the sheet providing all the unique elements required for each aircraft.

Four A4 sheets printed on thick glossy card are provided in full colour showing side profiles, with plan views of wings where required. All options are in overall silver with paint variations in silver doped or natural metal areas, and varnished wood or painted struts, as well as the decal options themselves.

Accompanying these is an 11 page instruction booklet containing some history of the Snipe, information on using the decals, and a little write up for each option, including some colour photos of the RAF museum Snipe. Note that options 10 and 11 require you to paint the single colour fuselage stripes yourself, a simple task if you have a roll of Tamiya tape to hand. Personally I rather like that Pheon have made use of the space on the sheet to squeeze in a couple more options rather than leave blank space.

The options are;

(1) E6655, 'B' Flight, 1 Sqn, Iraq 1925.

(2) E6942, 'A' Flight, No. 3(F) Sqn, RAF Manston, 1924.

(3) f2441, 111 Sqn, Duxford, 1924.

(4) F2408, 23 Sqn, Henlow, 1925/6.

(5) E6268, 32 Sqn, Kenley, 1924.

(6) F2527, 111 Sqn, 'A' Flight Commander, Duxford, 1924.

(7) E7538, 19 Sqn, Duxford, 1924.

(8) E8358, 'Bonzo' No.1 School of Technical Training, RAF Halton, 1923.

(9) E7528, 25(F) Sqn, San Stefano, Constantinople during the Chanak crisis, September 1922.

(10) E6825, 41 Sqn, Northolt, 1923.

(11) E7423, 25(F) Sqn, Hawkings, 1923/4.





Pheon have produced an outstanding set of decals here, both in terms of the selection of options and the actual quality of the decals themselves. The icing on the cake is the full colour profiles and the instruction booklet to guide you through them all. I am having real trouble deciding which one to select for my Snipe currently under construction, because I want to do at least six of them. A decision must be made however, and if I have to short list three they are, Options (1), (5), and (8). An almost impossible but very enjoyable decision to have to make!

The Wingnut Wings Snipe is an exeptional kit, one of the best of the best, and without a doubt Pheon have produced a decal sheet worthy of it.

Very highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of Pheon Decals.

[Edit] I've just discovered that Pheon will be at the IPMS Barnet show taking place at the RAF museum Hendon on 19th May. With luck they will have the latest releases including a sheet for the 'early' Snipe kit with Willam Barkers E8102 on it (Wingnuts missed a trick with this one). Plus some Fokker D.VII's in the Red/White Jasta 18 'Ravens' colours, and some captured Canadian examples. The new sheets for the Hannover should be ready too. Lovers of Wingnut Wings kits form an orderly queue! [/Edit]

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I think F2527 is missing the fuselage codes. They arent on the sheet. I'll email Rowan.

Well spotted Dave!

Sorry for missing these off the sheet - I promise that they were there but they got mislaid when I was doing the final jiggle about.... story of my life!

They are currently being printed as an addition so will go out to those who've already had the set and we'll hold of on the remaining pre-orders until they get here - probably in a week or two.

Apologies again!


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