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Fokker Eindecker E.II (Eduard, 1/48th) - In rememberance of John Day

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This is my second attempt at a WW1 aircraft in 1/48th scale and I finished it shorty after hearing of the sad death of John Day, a member of the Great War Display Team, and whose flying, along with that of the other team members, was responsible for generating my interest in building WW1 aircraft and joining the Great War Special Interest Group. Hopefully the team will carry on and pay tribute to John by doing so.

The model is the Eduard Weekend Edition of the Eindecker E.II / E.III and is built out-of-the-box. I managed to put one of the decals in the wrong place on the wing, but other than that, no major construction problems. The only addition is the rigging, which is knitting in elastic. The markings on the aluminium were achieved using a silver gel rollerball. Hand painted in acrylics and finished with Humbrol matt varnish from a rattle can. I doubt it looks anything like the real thing, especially for colours - it is an E.II 68/15 flown by Lt. Bruckmann, AA Gaede, in late 1915. (This is also in the Wingnuts boxing). If it's supposed to be doable in a weekend, then I need 4 day weekends.

This is how it came out ...




and here's a few photographs of mine of the Great War Display Team in action - I recommend trying to get to see them at an airshow. It's a great display.

Comments welcome as ever.

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I really like that - very clever use of the pen to get the detail too. It's amazing to consider just what a deadly effect these spindly little things had in their time. Thanks a lot for sharing.



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I think it's a little tribute to John Day.

very interesting the lífe and history of John

the model very well made. . . .. . congratulations

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That is very nice and an excellent nod to a great pilot.

Seen the GWDT "in action" many times,they do fly a superb sedate display.

One of "Our Heroes" in one of the SE's always shoots down the wicked "Hun" in his Fokker Triplane ^_^

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