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back in the game - Bismarck 1/350 Revell with BigEd and other extras

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Thank you very much for the kind comments and the tips on the PVA.

I was a little doubtful at first (as I had tried PVA previously without success) but the slight thinning and a touch more patience for it to grab and the results are very good!

I had already finished the railings (see the pictures below) but I will use this on my next ship. It is working well on some of the remaining detail I have to do. I am learning loads on this first ship build and beginning to plan the final result. Your comments and tips are helping me massively! Now on with a few update shots:


Starting to look the part!



Finally - a go at PVA on some PE


I am not sure the photo captures it well but there is almost no sign of any glue at all! Very pleased!



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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments and keep them coming - been a little while since my last update but progress is being made - enjoy!


Guns Guns Guns....plus some extra bits. I did assemble the wave breaker but I did not like the PE so decided to finish the Revell part. Not stuck down yet hence why it is up a little


Both cranes in as are the smaller guns on the decks. All of the guns have brass barrels along with plenty of extra PE detail.


Still some steps to finish (tonight)...


thanks for looking.

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That's an impressive model Leigh, glad your having fun, same here as I only started building ships last year.Wish I'd started sooner.

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Hi Brad - the deck was built up using primer (grey), Vallejo yellow model air (Orce 033) then I used Mig oils thinned to give it colour and texture...

Shadow brown to highlight the decks and take the shine off the yellow. Brick red (very thin) to give some colour to the decks and finally a bit of black in places.

Finished off with a vallejo matt varnish (vallejo gloss varnish between the oils)...

I am not sure if it is "true" to the deck colour it should be but it looks very nice. The only thing I will do different in future - paint all the decks at the same time ;-)

I have actually been having a right game with the small guns! any tips on how you can hold very small parts for painting?

I have tried masking tape but they keep coming loose..

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It depends on what parts I'm painting Leigh. Blu-tac for things like the boats. For bits which have a mounting pin then it's either a pin vice or I glue them to a length of sprue if I can afford to shorten the pin afterwards sanding the glue back off. Tweezers with an elastic band wrapped round them make a great little vice that can be twisted and turned without losing grip of the parts. Cocktail sticks glued into hidden holes whether already drilled or I drill them myself. Or the 'leviosa' spell if you happen to be friends with Hermione! :mental:

If I think of anything else I'll post it. :thumbsup:

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I would second the blue-tac to assist with painting small parts. My last build had a number of 20mm AA weapons (Oerlikons) made up from various parts, I just laid a flattened strip of blu-tac along part of my work table and stuck them all in a row, and proceeded to assemble and paint until completed.

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I have to say that I am really enjoying building this up but this month has been the hardest to push through - very small parts for building, PE, painting (very difficult by airbrush) then weathering...hours turn into very little progress but when it all comes together - well worth the effort!

Here is where I was at about middle of July


This is a sample of the small parts - next time round I think I will start with these bits and put them to the side finished :-)

Anyways - onto the show and where I am today - Enjoy:


So I did not like the kit part or the PE part for the chain - so I ordered some small scale chain and had a go at the above - not historically correct (could not get chain this small exactly the same) but a vast improvement on how the other parts looked.


Main guns removed to allow access to fit all the smaller parts - something I will remember for the next kit I do...


Up close detail...



A quick detour to check out a fun mini build:



back on with the show:



Thats it for the up close shots - I think it is coming on nicely


Almost ready for the display case - now...about that base........

Stay tuned and thanks for looking.

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A lovely bit o work there, having looked through all the thread its a fantastic build.

On the fixing of railings I use CA from poundstretchers, they come in three bottles per pack for a pound and in most cases they do me pround on brass. the CA also lasts for age's.

Just make sure you put the lid back after use.

PVA as allready said also use.

The painting of the deck is a masterpiece.

Like it, like it alot. :winkgrin:

Cheers foxy :coolio:

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Hi, I've a 1/350 Bismarck that I'll be starting soon. I bought the colours Revell have for this, but I'm not really keen on mixing paints (especially the greys), so what would be the best/simplest greys to buy for the hull, structure etc. I like using Revell aqua, but I did buy Tamiya Hull red - which I've read is decent for the hull below the waterline.

Thanks and very nice build btw. If I can get mine to be as good as yours I'll be happy!


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Hi Ferg,

There is lots of information around on the correct colours for your hull...after a bit of trial and error, I settled on a few different greys from Vallejo Air range. I don't think they are quite true but they do display very well. I also used oils to weather the grey so it was not so uniform...

One thing I will say, you need plenty of paint to cover the hull and structures!

Enjoy your build, post pictures as you go. Always keen to see what folks are working on.



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