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Some rare racers and exotic classics from Donington

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A few things you don't see every day, from a great day out at the Donington Historic Festival:


Sunbeam Tiger LM Coupe


Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato


Mercedes W125 continuation


Jaguar XJR-15


Facel Vega 2


My garage... ;-P DBR1, DB3S and DP212 (I think...)


Lancia Aurelia


ERA and Alfa wheel to wheel


Not the best picture, but the unique ERA GP1 in action...


Senna's Lotus 97T in which he won his first GP, before it went out on the track...


In the car park... I just liked the colour!


I guess if you can afford to run a classic racecar, the odd supercar is pocket change...

Lots more, including some detail shots of some modelling use here:




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Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Personally, the Aston DB4 GT Zagato is an all time favourite but I also love seeing the ERA's.

Still waiting for the lottery numbers to come up and one will be MINE !! lol


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Lots of nice cars there!

Looks more like a "recreation" of a DP214, more than DP212, judging by the air intake. The wing mirrors are the first giveaway that it's not the real thing, plus the indicators, number plate, etc.

The paint finish on the new McLarens is just jawdropping, close up. Never seen a production car quite like it...

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I read that a Mini crashed killing the driver, so it just show's they're not show boating when they go round. I went to the Silverstone F1 last year and then the Silverstone classic - the classic won hands down.

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