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Revell F-16AM 1/72 Belgian Air Force LYBIA 2011

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Hello everybody

This is my last build, based on Revell 1/72 falcon kit. It's basically a very good kit and with few work and modifications you can obtain a nice F-16 AM representation. I used resin ejection seat (Quickboost), exhaust nozzle (Aires for Hasegawa kit but easily adapted), and a Syhart decal sheet (ref 72-905).

I hope you'll enjoy it











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Awesome viper, love the NATO F-16's

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Thank you very much... :blush:

Can you please tell me which Revell kit this is, I know some of them have all the parts for multiple variations.

The kit is Revell ref-04691 F-16 MLU tigermeet 09.

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Hopefully your latest build and not your last! Excellent.

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