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After completing my Airfix Typhoon, and struggling due to sausage fingers and failing eyesight (still enjoyed it) I decided to drag this out of the part done pile and get it sorted before the Hornet STGB.

I decided to go with a Flanker scheme from this sheet http://www.fightertowndecals.com/files/32007_cover.jpg

Most sub assemblies done...I added a quickboost bang seat as I felt it was better than the kit offering.



I think I need a bigger bench!


Onward and upwards eh?;)

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Andy, just be careful with the main landing gear, i built one of these when they first came out

And over time the gear slowley splayed, it's now sitting on the belly tank. It's an issue with the kit and you can find plenty

Of comments on other forums about it. I'd look for some all metal main gear legs if possible as the metal inserts provided

Just dont cut the mustard over time. I bought a second kit last year in the model zone sale and invested in the G-Factor brass

MLG so that it doesnt happen again.



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Cheers for the advice Dan. Looks like I will have to do something about that undercarriage.

Right - progress. Finished the Quickboost ejection seat. Just need to add the firing handle to it.


Then I've started painting the beast. Using Gunze for the grey, Lifecolour Air Superiority Blue and Vallejo 901 for the blues.


Time to start masking ready for an application of Vallejo later.

Thanks for looking.

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Looking good, I'll be watching this for painting tips for my 1/48th build.

Which number jet are you building?


Shaun, I'm going for 06 as the blues were available - Lifecolour UA037 for FS 35450 and Vallejo 901 for FS35190. FS35109 seems to be a bit of a problem, and the only way I can see round it is doing a lightened mix of Gunze H322. I've already sprayed up the centreline tank with both blues, and it looks ok to my eye.

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Thats the darker one, be interesting to see how the dark blue looks once you've sprayed in on?

I'm going for the standard scheme.


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