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Photo Etch Grille Sets (for Heng Long) - 1:16 Taigen


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Photo Etch Grille Sets (for Heng Long)
1:16 Taigen


These sets are designed as quick and easy upgrades to the stock Heng Long radio control tanks, which although they are quite good in terms of broad details, they have no grilles covering the engine deck louvers. This omission isn't really that surprising, as a lot of the tanks will just end up as play things for kids, but for us alleged "grown ups" with access to modelling sites, references and endless patience, accurizing (an Americanism I hate) is quite popular. As a first step, these Photo-Etched (PE) mesh grilles are excellent, and once applied can be distressed to depict the wear and tear they suffered during daily use.

King Tiger (3888-006)
The largest of the sets includes the circular fans in the centre of the deck, four rectangular grilles that sit fore and aft of the circular grilles, and a pair of optional larger mesh covers for the forward set of rectangular intakes that extend to the edge of the turret ring, and provide an additional area of non-slip mesh for the crew. Check your references whether the tank you intend to model uses the curved or rectangular parts before you start.



Tiger I (3818-008)
Suitable for the Heng Long Tiger, this set includes the four rectangular mesh grilles for the louvers on the engine deck, with the rearmost ones having small T-shaped cut-outs for the retaining lock positioned toward the outer side.



Panther/Jagdpanther (3869-1/3879-1)
This set includes two circular mesh covers, one of which has a central circular cut-out, plus four rectangular grilles with outer frames and etched in bolt-heads for extra detail.



Panzer III (3848-009)
The Panzer III had a pair of air boxes on the sides of the hull, which were of course covered with mesh to prevent both foreign objects and grenades being placed deep within the engine compartment. This set includes the mesh and framework in PE, plus a set of tooled brass bolt-heads to complete the construction. These will really add some extra detail to your Panzer III.



As well as being a great first step to detailing your large scale radio control tank, these PE mesh grilles are also good value, as they are quite large sheets. They are easy to install, and with some light pressure from your fingers you can replicate the deformation that occurs when careless crew tread on them, and a sharp implement jabbed into the mesh can simulate a more violent encounter, such as falling masonry or something thrown or dropped on the grilles.

Previously these sets have been labelled in poor English, as you might be able to see in the first photograph, but Steve @ Welsh Dragon Models, Taigen's UK importer advises that future deliveries will be more sensibly labelled without the Chinglish that dogged earlier batches.

Highly recommended.

Review samples courtesy of

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