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This man is amazing

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I don't know if it has been posted on here but this is an amazing piece of work. I thought I was a modeller but my efforts ar trash compaired to this 1/72 masterpiece!

Two threads from another forum



Also Google him for some of his other work like this


I hope I have posted this in the right forum

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:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: that's just insane!!!!!

he even went to the trouble of making toilet paper!!! Loved the work on the Nav tools.

Makes the model that you think is your best work look like a pile of cr#p!! :weep: Think i'll just take up playing with blocks again.........

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:yikes: Thanks for the link Paul.

That is some mind-numbing modelling. There is no denying the patience and skill of the guy.

I do kind of understand where Wolfpack is coming from though. Just imagine how many more models he could build if he only spent that amount of effort detailling the parts that can be seen. He could bring his considerable talent to bare on numerous other subjects which would bring us onlookers even more joy. It all comes down to what makes us happy and at this moment in time he appears to be very happy indeed. Perhaps when he is older he might begin to take a different direction (I know I have :coolio: ).


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Bit like Zoukei-mura with their fantastic kits, but whats the point on spending time and effort into fitting the pistons in the engine when no one knows it's there

Edit: Wish I could build like that though :whistle:

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That's amazingly detailed work and it really does, as others have commented, put most of us in the shade. The skinning on the Lanc really works for me, giving a slightly rippled and dented effect which along with the paint job gives it a realsim that's rarely seen.

I could never achieve work like that and it's both depressing and inspiring to see what a real master can do. Oh well, onwards and upwards...

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Great, except most of it won't be seen. Stopped wasting time and effort on those details years ago. Still, it kept him off the streets.


Brilliant! I agree with the hidden details comment though! What do you say to the viewer "I have scratchbuilt all the interior, so I'll smash it to bits so you can have a look"?

'Kept him off the streets'.......sweet! Can't stop laughing.........!


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Amazing work!

I guess he is the kind of modeller that prefers quality over quantity.

I go for quantity but I think is because my limited skills.


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Oh blinking heck, I was feeling quite smug about my own efforts in 1/72nd scale until I read this. Absolutely astonishing. Useful reminder that you don't have to use styrene for everything. I keep forgetting that. Thanks for posting.

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