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Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche - 1/72 Revell

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Thanks all you guys.

That is simply gorgeous.....definately better in black than in the green colour that the instructions say to paint it........

I thought the same, that green was gonna look too much of a light color so I mixed dark green and black and it came out better :)

That is one great-looking helicopter. :goodjob:

Such a shame that it never entered service.

I love the mix of models on your shelf, too!

Thanks :) but if I go like this I'll need more shelves, they are nearly full already :D

Very nice. Looks like the mockup that Boeing built.




Thanks, could be fun to build one that size, my color at at least seems to match that :)

looking good I had tackled this kit sometime back and gave up......always liked the shape of the thing pitty it never came to pass

mr b

You should try and get back on building it, it was quite an enjoyable build for me :)

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