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Hobbyboss F-14A Tomcat, VF-111 Sundowners

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Well having won the vote, it's the Hobbyboss F-14A which will hopefully be better than the Hasegawa one i've fought to submission


Adding to the mix is an Aires cockpit


And FCM decals to make it an aircraft from a proper squadron - VF-111 (and NOT the CAG bird !)


Work starts with the cockpit which surprisingly for Aires fit's quite well :-)



You do have to take off a lot of the underside molding plug to get the wheel well in place - and remember to glue the wheel well in place before starting fitting

A coat of Aircraft grey to start the painting, after some Black primer


Then on with the Pit painting - still more work to do but getting there





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Day off so a bit more done - first up the windscreen complete with tiny PE pilot's grab handle


Then the jigsaw of panels for the gun cover and the bottom plate. Not terrible fit, but the bottom plate is a bit of a trial, quite a lot of CA and talc to bridge gaps, followed by Mr Surfacer



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Today's work - first cleaning up the panel lines / rivets and then adding the nose, which needed a dab of filler


Then building up the wings, which is decision time - this time it's flaps and slats up and wings back


Then making up the intake ramps and the rest of the underside


Finally for today, sprayed the glossy white for the intake ducting



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Today's work - Intakes done with hardly visible engines


Then joining the two fuselage halves - lots of berna clamps in evidence but it does fit with a little help


Joined the nose to the fuselage


Finally added the rudders and slotted the stabs in place but they are still removable to allow for easier painting later



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Aires stuff looks great, that's some seriously nice work on the pit. A good overall size as well in 1/48, I have the Revell f-14a in 1/32 and it's bloody mahooosive, reckon I could make a half decent toboggan out of the lower fuselage.....................

now the suns come out!

Great work :thumbsup:



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Looking good, really coming to life now.

One thing, if I may, I think what you are calling wing gloves are actually the inflatable 'bags', the glove part being forward of the wing, sandwiching it.

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nice one... I have the 1/72 hobby boss jkit and may do the sundowner scheme too.... having said that it has the VF41 (white tail, red stripe, ace of spades) and VF84 (white tail yellow stripes) in too... think the matchbox kit I built when I was a kid was the same markings oohhh decisions....

qq - cockpit colour - what grey is that? looks a lot lighter to my usual "mid grey"....


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