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Large Scale AFV Resources

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I just wanted to comment on the service of Tankzone.

I ordered a 1/16 Tamiya Sherman F/O kit from them and paid less than I could get it through Ebay from Asia. There's also no risk of customs charges!!

It comes with a free Tamiya CD rom,(which was sent out the day after my order), and free P+P.

The communication is great. Highly recommended!!


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Um, well I have lots and lots (thousands) of Tank and AFV plans in paper format - they mainly, came from modellers magazines from the ex Russian Communist Block and from magazines which have long since ceased to exist, probably along with the printers, of same, too.

I've probably got digital plans too, but I don't know if I have that many and armoured trains too - which I particularly like.

I collect 1/25 or smaller scales, Tank & AFV card kits, but only in digital format, because card kits are just too heavy and bulky to store and I have no idea how many I've catalogued, or I've got now, but, dare I say it, lots and lots.

And large scale tanks - if you use the running gear of your existing Tamiya and Heng Long tanks, you can build new upper tank hulls from 1/25 card kits, enlarged to fit and have completely new and different R/C tanks to what is available in the shops or eBay, ever - probably one off's - and the kits come with the painted final paint scheme, which is accurate.

If you build upper tank hulls in card - I've explained how, in one of the other threads on this forum - then you are looking at an overall building and finishing cost, from the get go of about £1 - tops, to compete with the plastic kits and prices mentioned in these pages. lol. lol. lol.

I have a Tamiya 1/15 King Tiger and an M4 Sherman and all of the Heng Long tanks, with the exception of the latest Chinese one and one or two plastic static tanks, with the option, later on of putting in R/C, if I were ever inclined to do so, which I'm not.


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  • 2 years later...

Afternoon all.


Please can someone recommend a uk based place that sells ww2 weapons. 

Stuff like this:


They don’t need to be resin or metal cast. I think Tamiya and Verlinden used to make accessories sets that would have been ideal. 

Forgebear only has mg34s and I’ve got a few of them. I’m after a bit more variety.



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