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At the end of last year when I got back into modelling I bought an airbrush and compressor. I tested it and then dried it and put it away for a week or two until my new bench was ready.

Then we decided to move. The short story is, I now do not have the space to use it (4 people in a 2 bedroom bungalow does not make for lots of hobby space)

So, in that it will.be stored for at least a year, is there anything I should do to it? Shoot some sort of lubricant through it and leave it like that? What about the compressor and tank?

Thank you for any tips on keeping it in hood condition.

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Not sure about the compressor but I tend to leave my brush with a smear of SupaLube on the needle, nozzle and packing seal. I also pull the needle back and "Ease Springs". It's just a case of blasting some Iwata cleaner and paint thinner through it when I come to use it.

Hope that helps.


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