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SAAB goes Star Trek

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Four kits but only one to show as a result.








One 1/48 SAAB J29 Tunnan fuselage, two wings and two fuselages from Matchbox 1/72 J29 Tunnan and a saucer from an 1/2500 AMT Starship Enterprise D




Ok. I can scratch four kits from the stash but all the filling and sanding probably took longer time that building the four kits out of the box.





H.M.S. Fylgia a light cruiser in the United Federation of Planets fleet.


HMS Fylgia was an armored cruiser of the Swedish Navy. She was launched on 20 December 1905 at Finnboda slip at Nacka and was used until 1953 so I thought that it would be a good name on my space cruiser.



A really bad picture during construction.


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Photobucket sabotage
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I am really impressed at how effective this looks.

It almost has a retro look about it that would suit the original series... very nicely done :)

I think it would look even better wit a bit of ink washing to bring out some of the details more.

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What did that 1/48 Saab Tunan ever do to you to make you do THAT to it? :D

Very interesting result I must say as those 1/72 Tunan fuselages for the warp nacelles had me going for a little bit. It was one of those "I've seen that shape before, but can't remember where" moments. I like it!

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