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Kittyhawk Jaguar converted to an RAF T2

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Sorry I completely forget to add this after my BM break. But better late than never! I've been running this on L&C since December.

Just like I did with the Vampire NF10 and Canberra T7 I thought I would see if I could use in stock items to make a different variant. I looked to see if the 1/48 Paragon or Neomega T2 conversions would fit the Kittyhawk kit. Well the Paragon one (my preference) is not deep or wide enough. The Neomega one is just a little narrow, but being in two halves I was able to insert a shim to make it slightly wider. Now I need to push on and finish it. I need to see if the nice resin intakes I have will fit, but I need to find them first!



2. The intakes are too wide all round and need sanding to get flush. Sadly the resin ones do not fit. In fact all resin for the Airfix kit wont fit as it is all too small. The wings have this strange kink in them so I am trying to work out if this is right or not.


3. I have been sanding and polishing for most of the holiday but I am making progress. Wings are on and I have sanded the leading edges to remove the strange kink. Wing fences were a challenge but I got there. All are parts have been prepared; I am using the Airfix pylons and wing tanks, so had to drill new holes for them. Next step is to finish the cockpit. I have also corrected the height of the rudder.Lots of the panels are not designed to be modelled closed, so a little model building is required. I will doing a RAF Germany aircraft in wrap around camouflage, probably II Sqn. Later I will be tackling the vac-form canopy.......later!



4. Well after my sick leave I have started again. Cockpit done, canopy added and marked and primer added. Top spine intake replaced with a metal metal item I had and pitot tube added. Getting there.





There you go up to date, now for a lay down!!


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I like the two seated s so interested to see how it goes together with the Kittyhawk kit. Not sure I will part with the Airfix kit just yet though.

Keep it up, keen to see you progress through the build.


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