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ET Models etch set for Meng 1:35 Tortoise E35-156


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A39 Tortoise for Meng TS-002
ET Models 1:35 E35-156


It was with great surprise and joy when Meng released the A39 Tortoise heavy assault tank and whilst a little fiddly in places it has been well received. Since its release there hasn’t been any aftermarket items designed for it which is not really a surprise as it’s a great kit straight out of the box. That is until now with the release of this two sheet etched set from ET Models.

The instructions, on two sides of their unique A4 green paper are a little hap hazard, yet strangely clear in pointing out how the various sub assemblies are constructed and their final positions on the model. Since the Meng kit is pretty accurate there isn’t a lot that needs changing and so this set really only deals with increasing the fineness of the detail in a way that styrene cannot. Thusly the brackets joining the side armour need to be removed as do the engine compartment door hinges and other superfluous on top of the main casement. These items are then replaced with etched items and assemblies. Also included are the distinctive brackets on the side of the forward casement, front fender supports, smoke dispenser brackets, grab handles front and left cupola hatches, exhaust brackets, fire extinguisher brackets, storage box, and several straps for around the rear casement. There is also a length of steel wire provided to replace the styrene tow cable.




Although relatively small, this set is a very nice and useful set of etched parts for giving an already great kit that extra finesse to make it a superb model, even though the tank itself is a bit of a hulk. ET Models should be commended for releasing this set.

Review Sample courtesy of logo.gif

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