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Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer by Warp

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By the way, thanks for all the nice comments about resurrecting this build, I can't honestly remember why I put it aside in the first place - I think I might have hit one of my periodic "I hate resin!" phases :)


Quite a bit more done today including filling some of the gaps and problems in the front fuselage and then adding two pieces to the rear engine/fuselage junction that I'd missed in the earlier phase of building...




You can see them in the lighter resin colour against the dark grey primer. Next my attempts to repair the hole drilled in the upper surface of the front fusealge, courtesy of an offcut of 5mm brass tube filled with filler and sanded down




then with two bits of plastic rod added to replace the conduits. I think I'll still put the spare gun turret over the top to hide most of it in any case. Speaking of guns, I've just noticed that I missed out a photo in an earlier post that was supposed to show all the point defence gun mounts on their resin pour spues, this one:




Well having spent about 2 hours today listening to yesterday's Sounds of the 70s and chopping these off their sprues and sanding  to get these:




I've also been cleaning up the aforementioned pointy bits from their white metal sprues, but forgot to take photos. I've also cut the brass tube for the spine to length - that was a bit nerve wracking as I didn't want to mess it up!!! I think we are about to embark upon some painting next. I'm not sure how much panel detail I'll be adding - nowhere near as much as the cgi renders in the series which were a bit extreme as you can see in my earlier posts. I know how much work this takes from my adventures last year with the Sulaco from Aliens




This took about 2 weeks of painting, adding masking squares, repainting, more masking rinse and repeat... However the results were impressive, so I suppose it was worth it :)

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See! Sulaco. Mega pointy bits!

10 minutes ago, Kallisti said:

suppose it was worth it

Well worth it.

Nice recovery on that 'hole in the wrong place' error.

I like a bit of weathering but yes, the CGI stuff was a bit OTT.


Of course there is the 'exactly how do spaceships become weathered?' cliché.

But I prefer to ignore them. Too clean looks boring.

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Well there is dirt and dust in space, particularly around planetary systems and industrial installations - space docks will accumulate grime just like on Earth. However, I'm sure there would be periodic sweeps of debris since that could be a danger to shipping - after all if you drop something out of  your spaceship, it won't fall away but continue on the same trajectory until you change direction - Newton knew his stuff!!

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Been busy the last few evenings with painting, here is it with the main components with the intitial base coat of XF-66 




Then there are numerous small details to paint, eg the lifeboat panels that go along the sides of the forward and rear fuselage




Since that photo they've been finished off with the little tab in each red circle being painted black and then overall give a deep green wash with MiG wash. I've found that the deep green wash gives a much more subtle effect that a darker wash and quite lite the effect. Next are the main cannons - since this pic I've drilled out the barrels and given them a wash to bring out the moulded detail.




Lots of point-defence cannons in the process of being painted... these too have had their barrels drilled out and given a wash after the paint was completed.




The nose armour panels were masked and the edges sprayed with XF-77 to give the contrast




Painting the details and more washes to bring out the details of the life support section




Deep green wash on the details on the rear section




The two support brackets for the rear engeins have been painted, detailed and washed




The auxillianry thrusters have had a yellow ring painted, no reason, I just felt it would be a nice splash of colour




The spikey bits have been added to the nose section and some detailing of the side panels




More painted details on the rear section. I'm using X10 Gun metal, XF 56 Metallic Grey and XF-16 Aluminium plus a bit of XF 77 to get a nice variation in detail along with the deep green wash.




On the underside of the rear section, the pipework has been painted X10 Gun metal




The PE girder frames have been glued into their recessed panels using PVA glue and a bit more washing




Finally for now, a view from the front - the flash has illuminated right down the hanger exit, but you wouldn't normally be able to see much down there as its in shadow




Its coming together very nicely now I reckon!

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So over the weekend I took a step back and had a look at the paintjob overall and came to the conclusion that it was too dark. A bit annoying at this late stage but in the end these things happen. So I made a custom mix of the XF66 with some white added to lighten it. Once I was happy, it was time to overpaint the existing darker blue-grey and then replace the lost details. This essentially took 2 days and here are the results




The front armour panels have had a coat of Klear applied in prep for the decals and the dark green wash has been used in the detailed areas. I've also glued the brass tube spine in with epoxy resin ready for the next stages of assembly. 


Here is the accommodation section 




Then the rear section, this time with the two engine "prongs" attached, side on




and then from above




Top of the forward section




and finally the front showing the red blobs I've put into the 4 prongs from the fighter launch bay




I'm much happier with this colour, although the dark bands around the armour might be too dark, however I'm not messing around with it anymore. The only other issue I can foresee is that the guns will be the older dark colour but I'm not entirely sure this will be a real problem. I'll see how they look at the final assembly stage.


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Thanks Chris


One minor update from this evening, quite an important one really - the base! Measuring the distance between the holes and drilling for the supports and its coming out well!




So this is an idea of what it will look like when complete, without so much clutter in the background of course! Its about 17" long when the engine exhausts get attached. Problem I now see is that dark border around the front armour IS too dark :( ugh 

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The Omega Class Destroyers are my favourite Sci-Fi Starships bar none.


I would love to build one one day but I would want it to have a motorised centre section and light up engines, navigation lights and weapons and shizzle. And quite frankly I don't have the skillz. Yet?


So good luck with this build I'll watch the progress with interest.


Last comment... "Give me ramming speed"



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...and so we arrive at the Hour of Scampering...


We have always been here...























It seems appropriate to end the build like this...




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Emperor Turhan:

                How will this end ? 


Ambassador Kosh: 

               In Fire .... 



Actually just watched this the other day, so I was on point for your reference there :)

Nice build of a cool ship ! Must bust out the starfury in the stash one of these days ... 



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Do it! Its not a great kit to build but with a bit of effort you get a Starfury!!!


I've got a resin Thunderbolt in the stash that may get brought out later this year...

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Great model. The old Agamemnon hasn't ever looked better. I'm kinda surprised you didn't build the Churchill. Even with that ships sad fate during the EA Civil War. ..



I don't know if it's been posted here but Steven Furst the actor who played Vir on Babylon 5 passed away this week. For a character who was clearly a sidekick,  he brought alot of heart to the role. I would be remiss if I didn't post one of my favorite scenes from the entire series. For people who didn't watch the show Vir was a bumbling kind hearted man until:



then seasons later.....




A great character on a show full of great characters.



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