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This is my last build, two boxes of ProfiPack seriesof eduard, the F6-F3 and F6-F5.

These models are a real pleasure to build, there are a lot of details and there is no need to putty.

Suddenly you can spend time on painting.








By, For the next you should be happy because it will be a English plane.
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That's real nice. Thank you for posting. :)

Nice subtle weathering and I love the way you've done the exhaust stains. Certainly way better than my feeble practice attempt on an F4U Corsair. How did you go about that?

I was in fact thinking about adding a Hellcat to my build list, and I was looking at the Eduard weekend version because after a 30 year break I've not quite got a grip of PE yet (and it's cheap). ;) So you'd absolutely recommend one of these for an out of the box build then for someone getting back on his modelling feet?

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Very creditable builds!

As IrritableRabbit already pointed out, the exhaust staining on the top one looks just right, and the restrained weathering doesn't even look like 'weathering' – that's the highest praise in my book. ;-)

Kind regards,


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