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Well, I got the cloudiness sorted out - glazing over the waves really helped, and I've carried on and built up the wake a bit. Still a bit more to do, but it looks wet!


(click for bigger)

In the process of final assembly at the moment - I had to attach the skirt to the deck first - it mostly clips in place, but where it doesn't it's really difficult to get a good bond. I used 5 minute expoxy in the end to secure it to the front and rear ramps, and it's still not what you'd call tidy - if you look down from above you can see the tabs which are supposed to lock into the slots on the ramps. I think if I did it again I'd cut those off.

Decalling the skirt was quite a mission - I applied the 33 (!) small decals but left off the long runs of spots which go around the top of the pleats - I thought there was too much chance of disaster. Excitingly, because the skirt is bendy I had to expoxy the hull/skirt assembly to the water's surface, and then varnish and decal in-situ. I still managed to crack the Klear while fitting the superstructure but another coat has fixed this.

So if you build one of these, I would definitely:

1) Cut off the skirt tabs front and rear and fill in the corresponding slots on the ramps.

2) Add blocks under the hull so the skirt doesn't actually support anything, and bolt or screw it through those to the base. That way, when you add the superstructure you won't get any flex.


Anyhoo, it's all glued on now apart from the cab, which needs the glazing to be tinted. Mostly not too bad but the fans were quite fiddly to assemble, thankfully they're quite busy so any misalignment won't stand out too much. I hope!



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