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Berkut should be armed?


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Hello again people,

A while ago I asked for color advices for Revell's 1/144 Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut to paint it in an assumed operational camo here http://www.britmodeller.net/forums/index.php?/topic/234935325-berkut-color-advice/ and using an advice from niki and Revell's PAK-FA kit manual for colors and camo I built my aircraft but before it is ready for inspection I have one more question for you guys if you can give me ideas.

I have some spare missiles, fuel tanks etc from previous 1/144 builds but mostly American stuff. As I tried to build it in an assumed operational camo I thought arming it could be good too so shall go for it and use the spare stuff to arm the aircraft or not? And where on the bird and how many of them shall I use? I saw in wiki that it was planned to have two on wingtips, 6-8 under the wings and 4-6 under the body so what are your suggestions?


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I think Wikipedia got things quite wrong here: the weapons would have been carried internally in 4 weapon bays that can be seen in pictures of the Berkut bottom fuselage: 2 small ones ahead for a short range AAM each and 2 larger ones behind, each for 2 medium range AAMs. The aircraft was later modified with a weapon bou similar to the one intended for the PAK-FA

So an operational Berkut would likely not have had pylons apart when the aircraft was used in environments where no stealth properties were needed. In this case,where the pylons would have been located is anybody's guess.. and you can really just decide yourself. I would however discount the wingtips completely: the wingtips of the Berkut have a shape that is not suited at all to wingtip missile launchers

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I noticed marks under the fuselage of the kit that seem like weapon bay doors maybe they were intended to be so in the kit but guess it's a bit late for cutting them and adding arms, I eliminated wing tips already as they are a bit curved so not very suitable to add arms. So now my only choice is under the wings. But ou got me doubting about adding them with the stealth thing. Pylons or not... that's a tough one :D

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