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Vampire T11 ejection seats


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Just got my sticky mitts on the new Airfix 1/72 Vampire T11. I am intending the first one straight out of the box as the WZ507. Can anyone provide advice on detail painting of the ejection seats? I understand I need to add single loop firing handle in yellow and black on the head box? Many thanks.


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Dont know if these Martin Baker MK.3B shots help,

I took these when they had been lifted out of XK624 at Flixton






No one I know of does them at the moment, pretty sure pavala will be along soon. As far as kit seats go the airfix ones are not too bad.


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Thanks. I was more after what sort of colours to paint the darn things. "Worn" Black I guess for the main metal parts of the seat, blue for the straps and a sort of dirty khaki-green colour for any "soft" parts with a black headrest would seem the go. Wild stab in the dark the seats currently in WZ507 aren't as corroded and worn as those in Julien's photos!

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