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SS-25 Sickle launcher and missile (Topol) - scratchbuild

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Excellent YouTube video Mike, what a beast.................Smudge

Hi Smudge, yep it's a beast indeed. I've been using photos and videos like these to get the details.

Yeah that makes sense, I know next to nothing about these "little" launchers only one I know is the SCUD and who doesn't know that one?


Hi Dazz, the Scud is quite a bit smaller. I've put together some of my other 1:144 Soviet/Russian stuff for size comparisons below:

Comparison of the Scud with the SS-25 Sickle. The Scud is a kit from Matuo Kasuten.


Here is a comparison of the SS-25 with a MAZ-537 tank transporter. The trailer part of the MAZ-537 is scratchbuild and not finished yet.


All vehicles together for comparison.



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I saw the video of the Sickle coming down the road, that thing is a beast! I bet BMW and Merc drivers would still try to flash it out of the way tho. :P Saw the "cap" on the floor also, very impressive.

As for the Scud, it's tiny in comparison (cool model tho), as is the MAZ-537 but the trailer is impressive too! I am well impressed with your work! :)

Kind Regards,


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I think I've reached the final stage of this build and, apart from adding a couple of fire extinguishers at the front of each vehicle, I am now ready to close this and put a couple of images in the Gallery section.

The transporter version, all green, has had the little tower gantries added on the right hand side


The windows have been painted with tank grey and given a coat of Tamiya smoke.


View of the front - still need to add some red extinguishers in the square at the front between the cabs.


The rear, showing the ladders and the two rear hydraulic vehicle lifting jacks stowed.


The launcher version, camouflaged, has had the lifting ram installed in the raised position. The hydraulic jacks, to lift the vehicle off the ground, have been installed and the launcher is in the vertical position as if ready to fire.


Front view, showing vehicle up on its jacks and the launch tube lifting ram (I'm sure there's a proper name for it!) in the raised position. The tower gantries are shown above the right cab and at the rear.


Side view


Similar view but in a diorama setting




I have really enjoyed building these models as I have learned so much about scratchbuilding during the construction phases. Mistakes are inevitable; however, being a scratchbuild, it is easy to throw the bad item away and just build another piece. One aspect that I hadn't initially taken into consideration is the wheels - if all of them are virtually the same then there is an issue with the direction of the treads. One side will have them going the right way but the other side will have them reversed. I overcame this by making separate tyre and hub units.

I was unable to find any actual plans for this vehicle so there will be inaccuracies; however, I referenced loads of images on the web and got my details from them. The models look right - just don't get a micrometer to them!

Thanks for the kind words of support during this build session; I feel encouraged to have a go at something new now.


Mike :bye:

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Thanks again for the kind words of encouragement everyone.


This is the last image and will go in the gallery




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