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Paper card kits - Questions.


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Morning all, bored and work as we're not busy so I'm just pondering here. Found this site (HERE) looking for the FLY card 1/33 C-130 and found out they have some really nice subject (all scales).

Now, being paper-card, you could easily photocopy them to the desired scale, (say from 1/50>1/32 or 1/33>1/48 etc) but what I want to know as I've never seen a card kit before, could they be transformed into plasticard and made into a half decent kit? From looking at photos, they are quite squared off when finished, so I'm guessing some work would be needed to get the proper shape but do the kits come with bulkhead shapes etc? Really intruiged as I'm tempted to buy a cheap kit and see what can be done. Obviously some scratch building will be needed for the insides etc but the sound of a 1/32nd scale An-28/PZL M-28 sounds great along with a 1/48th IL-14....! Amongst other stuff on there.

Radleigh - the mad.

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Hi Radleigh,

I've done this with boat kits, mainly as boats tend to be more 'slab' sided and easier to build in plastic card.

Looking at the aircraft, I have been put off by the amount of round or elliptical shapes there are, especially with the fuselage and engines etc.



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