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Aston Martin DBS 1:24 upgrade sets


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Aston Martin DBS upgrade sets
1:24 sets from FG Model

The Aston Martin DBS is the high performance version of the DB9, surely one of the prettiest cars ever made, powered by a 5.9l V12 engine powering the rear wheels via a 6 speed gearbox. The Aston Martin DBS was produced between 2007, and 2012 when it found fame in the hands of James Bond in CasinoRoyale and Quantum of Solace
Tamiya produce a 1:24 DBS model kit in 1:24 scale, and is recommended as a base for these two sets from FG Models.


FG has produced an etched sheet to up-grade the Tamiya model. The Tamiya kit includes a small etch sheet and this is designed to work along with that to detail your model. The biggest part of the sheet is the etched bars to replace the plastic grill on the nose of the car. It is made up from interlocking horizontal and vertical bars, as the sheet is a shiny chrome finish it will not require painting. A set of metal brake discs are also found on the sheet with dimples on the surface to simulate the drilled vent holes on the discs. A wash of black will deepen these for a more realistic finish. Still on the outside are some number plates as used on the film Casino Royale. Also on the sheet is a plate with the BBCs Top Gear logo so you could add a scale Stig!
Inside the car is also covered on the sheet with an etched dashboard dial surround and some DBS logos for the seats.


FG Models have also created a nice set of Volante light weight resin wheels for your 1:24 Aston Martin. As expected from FG they are cast in Gray resin, with very fine detail and no flaws on the resin. They are very fine and they capture the 3 dimensional shapes in the wheels very well. The centre hub is cast separately and carries the expected high level of detail.



A couple of very nice sets, the etch will add allot of detail to the kit, and carries on from the etch supplied in the kit. The option to build Bonds car is a bonus, as are the inclusion of the Top Gear plates. Now we need a scale Stig, Clarkson, Hammond and Captain Slow!
The wheels are a piece of resin art, capturing the shapes and curves of the real wheels, it will give your build a different look.
Highly recommended!

FG models have asked me to point you towards there E-bay site but asked me to mention their parts can be brought through other avenues such as Hobbyeasy.com, hlj.com, Mediamixhobby.com.sg.
Please mention Britmodeller when buying through FG models E-bay shop

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