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1/48 Eduard P-38J "Lightnings Over Europe" and Eduard extra detailing set

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As I've stated on the review build thread:

- Fundamentally, an excellent kit and a welcome release.

- Thoroughly recommend the Aires pit to replace the Brassin pit (as it reduces the number of swearing incidences!).

- Equally thoroughly recommend the Eduard additional detailing set - this
transforms certain areas from being good into real works of art. The
undercarriage bays in particular - and it's very easy to work with.

- Be prepared for one or two areas with poorish fit, but whether this is
induced by the resin, or just by my modelling skills is a matter of

I'd thoroughly recommend it - and it makes up to be a wonderfully detailed, and highly beautiful kit at the end of it.

So here's my photos now!











Many thanks for following...


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Thank you very much chaps - very much appreciated!!

Notty - if you think that the FW190 made you swear and make sacrifices to the gods of filler - this one will do exactly the same to you. And more! Promise. In fact, if I get another one, I'll pay you to take it off me!!!

However, the end result is the main thing - and I'm happy enough with it in the end!



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