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Nimrod emergency repair diorama

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Last year i finshed my BAe Nimrod from the 1/72 Airfix kit.

I built a base to display it on but due to its size i didnt really have anywhere to put it.

A few weeks ago my 3 year old daughter was messing about and threw a ball which hit the plane and snapped off the front landing gear and 4 rear landing gear wheels. She got the telling off of her life :D

But that gave me a idea..........so i run off to my LHS and purchased some evergreen sheet and ordered a ground power unit and RAF diorama set from flightpath.

The idea was that the Nimrod had some under carriage issues that needed fixing before she could fly. These were noticed on a small airfield so hanger space was limited as the repairs had to be carried out on the ramp (not likely to happen i know).

I went through my 1/72 groundcrew and picked out the needed models and set about painting them. Then i made a stand from spur and evergreen.

Next was to get to grips with etched parts as i had never used them before and i made the power unit (not that good if im honest), a tow bar, a wire bin and the airfield warning sign. Put them altogether and cam up with this.............................


Hive of activity


I like the bloke sitting on the tow


Reporting his findings


Thought this looked good


Beavering away


Inspecting for unseen damage


I'd love to hear what you all think good or bad let me have it


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Good save, inspiration from disaster. I have those same figures you have used, some great poses and yours are nicely done.

Good job all round :thumbsup:


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Great job, seeing the figures next to the aircraft gives you a much better idea of how blooming big it is !

Love the "axle stand" holding everything up, complete with scuffed and damaged paint, just great and exactly how you would imagine it.

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