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My Gerry Anderson Tribute

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Back in late December, one of the greats of TV entertainment passed away. As a tribute, I interrupted my current project and had to build something appropriate:


which was a kit I picked up at Telford last year. As usual for Imai models, they HAD to turn it into a toy by adding missiles that could be fired from under the wings! Needless to say, I removed this "feature" and tried to add some flashing warning lights to the wingtips using flashing LEDs. The result was this:

To be brutally honest, the paintwork could be better - had problems with the masking due to the panel lines - er trenches and the fit of some of the pieces. The LED lighting doesn't really show up very well unless you are at a particular angle - ie edge on to the wing :(
HIdden under the "clouds" are the batteries but even though I beefed them up to 12v, the LEDs still don't show up very well.
The LEDs:
Fibre optics to illuminate the wing lights - I think the main problem is there just isn't enough fibres
I can't honestly say this is one of my better builds sadly...
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I'll think about it - along with Stingray and the Silver medal winning Starfury :)

By that time I might even have done one of the other Gerry Anderson models I've picked up recently: Imai SPV, Cloudbase, MSV, Angel, UFO Mobile, Joe 90 Car ;)

I want to build a small Gerry Anderson exhibition of my own eventually...

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