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SH32049 - Tempest in 1/32


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Something very special now - the iconic British fighter Hawker Tempest.

Main parts as a short-run, smaller parts injected into aluminium molds.

Box-art shows machine of NZ pilot, S/L Warren "Smokey" Schrader, DFC and Bar, an ace with 9 1/2 kills, most of them gained in the cockpit of this very machine.


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Not my scale. BUT it looks to be very impressive. It might just tempt me to build one as my only 1/32nd and the Tempest is one of my favourites away from Spitfires and Mustangs.

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Some more details of the Tempest model:

two types of drop tanks, the smaller also with clear aerodynamic cover in its base


Mk.II spinner


Mk.V and Mk.VI spinners


radiator assembly


early and late type of the wheels, there wil be also resin wheels with proper tread pattern in our production



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Don´t worry about the floor, there will not be such a thing, here is corrected cockpit design sans the floor. And another pictures also.


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Well, we have made also some progress with the 32nd scale Tempest, look here please.
The clear canopy is made of resin, only here and for test-fitting purposes. In the model there will be classical clear plastic one.
The cockpit will contain its tubular frame construction, of course, and whole surface of the model will be "rivetted".








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Great to see your attention returning to this one Petr. The Mk. II issue is one on my 'must have' list. Do you know a projected release date yet?

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