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RIP Gerry Anderson, your marvelous creations were a significant inspiration to me during my youth!


This one fought me somewhat - the mould has pretty much had it with poor fit and some distorted details.

Still, the new decals are superb and the kit still looks like an Angel to me.


Brushed Humbrol enamels, pencil detail marking and Klear to finish.

I substituted a smaller pilot to address the scale issue and a cockpit panel shroud to hide the lack of interior!



FredT SIG :)

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Lovely Fred, brings back great memories, Captain Scarlet was always my favourite Anderson show. That's a great looking build,


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Well that will look slightly incongruous next to your usual collection of models Fred, if you take her to Yeovilton! :analintruder: If you are there I'll pop over again and say hi!

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Love it, Gerry would have been proud. Nice to see one of these finished so nicely.

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That takes me back more years than I care to remember! You have made a nice job of that. Perhaps I shoud retrieve my kit from the stash, it might help me with my current bout of Modellers Block.


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