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Heinkel He.219 Update Sets - 1:32 Eduard

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Heinkel He.219 Update Sets
1:32 Eduard


The Revell He.219 Uhu was released with much fanfare late in 2012, and Eduard have now take the opportunity to improve upon this reasonably well detailed model as only Eduard can. With a bunch of detail sets for the modeller to pick and choose from.

Interior Set (32757)
This set details the cockpit, which is one of the high-points of the kit already, but of course things can always be improved upon. It arrives in Eduard's usual flat-pack, and includes two sheets of Photo-Etch (PE), the first of which measures 7cm x 6cm and is pre-painted and self-adhesive, while the second is bare brass and measures 7cm square.


As well as including a full set of laminated and pre-painted instrument panel details, a new set of sidewall skins are provided for the bare sides of the side-consoles. Various other scab plates and details are then added to give a layered look to the consoles, with additional sill detail being added to the bare styrene sills, as well as latch details on the port side. The instrument panel detail extends to all the sidewall instruments, and of course the important rear panel, which will be very visible in the finished model.

The instrument coaming at the very tip of the Uhu's nose receives a replacement flip-up armour panel for those risky head-on attacks, and also provides some extra detail for the gun-sight along with some acetate film glass pieces. There is also a PE part and sighting acetate sheet section in the canopy top, which I presume is related to the Naxos Radar Warning Receiver equipped airframes.


Seatbelts Set (32755)
This set predictably contains parts for more realistic seatbelts, measuring 7cm x 4cm, and pre-painted on one side with belt detail that would be impossible to achieve without superlative painting skills. The belts are made up rather like the real thing, with the buckles threaded with belt and secured by folding over and gluing (instead of stitching on the real thing). There are sufficient parts for both the pilot and gunner/radar operator, and the final diagram shows how they are correctly positioned on their seats.



Undercarriage Set (32325)
This is the big one, containing two frets of bare brass measuring 9.2cm x 14cm each. Because of the size of the parts the number is reasonably low, and the instructions reasonably short, but the effect should be quite impressive once complete. The nose gear bay receives a number of wiring loom parts, a skin for the main bay roof, and some additional strengthening parts, plus edging to the bay door, and a PE oleo-scissor link, which improves detail over the kit part.


The main bays receive a comprehensive skin-set, which is broken down into sections to ease installation. The deep wheel recess is covered with three sections that wrap around the roof and both walls, which will mean that the modeller has to bend them so that they conform to the shape before applying glue. The shallow section receives roof detail skins and four side panels on each side. Bay edge detail is added to each side, and various in-fill panels and small details are added on top of the new surface. The retraction jacks have a drilled jacket added to them, while the bay doors themselves are detailed with hinge details, and the main gear leg gets a set of brake lines.


These sets will upgrade the detail on your model significantly, and the cockpit set is almost a pre-requisite with its super-detailed instrument panel parts. It's a shame that the seatbelts aren't included in the cockpit set, but that seems to be the way things are going presently. The gear bay detail set is the piece de resistance however, and includes a LOT of brass.

As usual, pick and choose which aspects are important to you, and get the sets you want.

Highly recommended.

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