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Tamiya 1/16 King tiger.....the one from 1981!

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I dreamed of owning one of the Tamiya 1/16 tanks when i was younger. The King Tiger was the one i wanted. It had a rotating turret and a strobe light in the barrel! Trouble was , it was very expensive , and then there was the radio gear and battery which were also very expensive. I ended up having the Leopard which was the cheapest but very much loved.

This is the 1981 version of the KT with the single motor , twin clutch setup. I have not run it and im not sure i will. Its totally new built other than the modern 540 motor. I will be replacing this with the original old one soon. Im also hoping to get period radio gear , battery and maybe a kit box if im lucky.

Ive airbrushed it in the ambush style , but i did not really follow a certain tank so its probably not 100% accurate.

Well its taken long enough but i have the tank i always wanted and at a very nice price. Right 1/16 Leopard A4 next methinks!

Nice shiny new internals






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That is a beautiful beast!

You've done a great job on the ambush scheme, it really looks great on the King Tiger :goodjob:

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Is it bad that I looked that the wonderful model and the first thing I noticed where the 540 motor and the rest of the RC gear? :P If you ever did want to use it as an R/C tank (that would be so freaking sweet!) you might wanna move the purple and blue wire in the top right of the chassis as that heat sink (can't remember what it's for now) gets really bloody hot. I accidently put my hand on mine for my car and burn my hand, got the scar still. Also I am not too sure about the wiring but it looks like the throttle controller isn't connected to a servo either?

Wonder if the innards on that could take a modified motor and a few extra "hop-up" parts? I admit that I know next to nothing about these r/c cars, well it is older than me.

The paintwork looks the nuts tho, suits that bad boy really well. :)

Kind Regards,


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Those heat sinks are a resistor for the 2-speed bit of the mechanical speed controller, they do get hotter than the sun! And spank your battery lol, they're a good blast from the past! Lovely model!

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