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Box Shot


I made a start on sunday and this is the progress after that day. Some quick assembly of the cockpipt and engine nacelles.


Fuselage and the rear of the cockpit assembled ready for airbrushing.


Wings were also preped.


Airbrush out and most things got a good old coating of some gloy RAF interior green.


Wings meet fuselage.


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I thought it looked a bit nice... but in the Hasegawa way, not as 'nice' as the price they usually charge.

Anyway, another build I will follow with interest, in the One True Scale.

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Some progress on the mossie this week.

Cockpit got some colour as well as the nose.


Nose met the fuselage without realising that there are some tabs on the nose either side that tucks behind the radiators. As the nose wouldnt cement in place as the wings were already set i simply trimmed off the tabs. Note to self on future Haseg Mossies.


Masked up ready for the MSG. She was previously sprayed with xtracolor DK Green and OG for top cover.


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Been a while since the last update but im on the final straights.

Camo complete plus props got a seeing too.


Decals applied.


Coat of klear and flat base mix was then used to seal the decals.


Ill get some propoer finished photos onces ive weatherd her a little.

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