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Dragon 1/72 Arado Ar 234B-2

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Hello all, this is my first thread on Britmodeller. So this is basically a get-to-know the system, if you like, posting.

And so for this I've decided to show a build I completed about 6 months ago of a 1/72 Dragon Arado Ar 234B-2.

I built this model straight out of the box, but using only the kits unit code decals. The other decals are spare Italeri balkenkreuz, Revell stencils and warning signs an Xtradecal hakenkreuz.

This is also the first model that I have glossed the surface in preperation for the decals and then given the model a matt coat.

I ave to say I like the finish it's given it, although tracing the panel lines with a pencil has its ups and downs.

Anyway, pics should be below:











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Thanks all for the positive comments.

Regarding the build I was suprised by it after hearing all sorts of negatives about the kit.

The kit is engineered too well I'd say. If you get the parts lined up right then there's no problems, and when I say right I mean perfect, or you'll get steps between the peices. (Which I did on the main fuselage)

The worst parts are the front fuselage halves, the clear camera bay cover and the engine-to-wing join. If building wheels up like I did, then the front wheel covers are too small and don't meet.

Plus the decals are very thick and for some reason very sticky on the rear after being removed for the backing paper.

Paints, if anyone's interested are:

RLM81 - Hu160

RLM82 - Hu117

RLM76 - Revell 49+05 (4:1)

RLM66 - Revell 77

RLM02 - Revell 45

Other colours are Revell mostly

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