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Eduard etch sets for Tamiya 1:350 IJN Yamato new tool.


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Japanese Super Battleship Yamato
Eduard 1:350



The release of their updated IJN battleship Yamato by Tamiya it was thought that it wouldn’t need any further items from aftermarket manufacturers, particularly as Tamiya has already produced some detail sets for the kit.  This premise has been proven wrong with Eduards release of these sets that aim to improve this amazing even further.  The first set, (53072) contains two medium sized sheets of finely etched relief brass.  As is usual for these types of sets, some of the kits details need to be removed before the etched parts can be added.
Sheet one contains14 new splinter screens with solid floors and 4 with open floors for the triple 25mm gun mounts, new breakwater hatch details, three different types of watertight doors which can be posed either open or closed, new vent grilles, liferings and cradles, AA director mount doors, aircraft trolleys and cradles, a pair of very fine Ohi Go 13 air search radar aerials, the rear parts for the main radars, 5” open gun mount footplate, sight and turntable, boat cradles, replacement flag boom, bridge platforms,  catapult footplates, replacement catapults with additional details such as launch cable reels.  There are also new handrails for the funnel and several director mounts.  


Sheet two is slightly smaller and provides the fronts of the main radars along with the rather fiddly separate dipoles, twelve of which are fitted to each side.  Apart from a new bridge platform deck the sheets is filled with new handrails for use around the ship superstructure and the forward turret, along with new deck hatches, vertical ladders, new bridge windows, and deck shelters.




To go with the above set Eduard have also released a separate comprehensive set of railings, (53073).  The one large sheet is filled with railings of different styles and all pre-sized to the correct length for fitting in their respective positions.  These will go a long way to finish what is a fabulous model, without the hassle of using Tamiyas own railing set which is made up of individual posts through which you pass copper wire to make up  the completed railings.




Although the new Yamato kit is absolutely fantastic, these additional sets will take it to the next level of detail and able the modeller to really build a museum quality model.  Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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