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Type 23 Frigate Reference Photos

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Hm, tricky question without access to a whole raft of references that sadly now I've retired from the RN I no longer have.  The best I can come up with:


  • The MOD 1 gun first appeared in 2005 and all ships were refitted by 2012 .  I don't know when Kent received hers 
  • The ASCG was first fitted to HMS SOMERSET in 2007 and was fitted to all T23s by 2014 but again, I don't know when KENT received hers but I'd bet it was in the same refit that she received the Kryten turret.
  • 996 was fitted to KENT at build and replaced with Type 997 in her 2016-18 refit
  • The Lynx HMA Mk 8 first started to replace the HAS Mk 3 in front line service in 1996 and all HMA Mk 8 conversions were completed by May 2002 although there was a mix of HAS Mk 3 and HMA Mk 8 until 2013 when the Mk 3 was finally retired.   Given that the remaining HAS Mk 3s were mainly used for 702 Sqn pilot training and in the Ice role with HMS ENDURANCE, I doubt if KENT ever carried a HAS Mk 3. I certainly can't find any evidence of it, the earliest known aircraft being an HMA Mk 8, ZD 257 in 2007.

So I would suggest that you'd be safe with a 996 radar plus either a MOD 0 turret and original 30 mm or MOD 1 turret and ASCG, but you'll have to replace the Lynx with a Mk 8.  Hope that helps

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Those are/were not windbreaks - they were to minimise radar reflections from the missile control radar for Seawolf (there is/was another above the bridge).  When Seawolf is replaced by Sea Ceptor, with no dedicated missile control radar, there is no longer a requirement for them.

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