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1/48 - MiG-29 (9.13) "Fulcrum-C" by Great Wall Hobby - released - new "Russian Swifts" boxing

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After the MiG-29 (9.12) "Fulcrum-A" late version - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234925828&hl=fulcrum - , Yufei (Haneto) and Great Wall Hobby are working on a new variant of this fighter aircraft, the MiG-29 (9.13) "Fulcrum-C".

In the meantime Yufei has also announced the MiG-29 (9.12) early version...

Here are the first pictures

Source: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=255187&st=500


Thank you all for your advice and encouragements, guys! (...)

For a Fulcrum mania, I think there's no more need for me to explain these parts? :coolio:/>





And the edge of the canopy is modified to be replica the real thing as real as we can.

Yes, I mean the little step forward.



Seperate intakes on the engine covers, and with holes of course!


The install holes are replaced on missiles so you do not need to adjust anymore.

(Sorry for the 1st edition, they were too hurry to rush for the Christmas sale.)



And last but not least, you'll see it before Spring comes. :whistle:/>

Enjoy! Cheers,






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Hi Homebee


Eagerly waiting for this 9-13 also. Already got the 9-12 Late.

I just hope Yufei will find some time ( now that he is  a daddy :thumbsup:  ) to check these  PTB 1150  and pylons dimensions. For the PTB the cross section seems to be only 1 mm off , but for the length it's about 11 mm. The pylons look also some mm too short , but I may be wrong. My references are ZLINEK and 4+ Publication. 


I know it's pretty easy to correct these two little mishaps ( provided I am right ! ) but I am waiting for confirmation by Yufei.  Anyway I personnaly can live with that !

Yes I know also that it's pretty rare to see a MiG-29 A or even a C with these tanks , but for my dispair I can't live with aircrafts without drop tanks hanging under the wings ! :weep:

Since GWH provided us with them, and since this model is a gemn  why not correct them in accordance.( provided  they are a off ! )


Madcop :)

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Let's have a look here:



Several MiG-29s from the VVS 16.VA regiments in Germany were equipped with those tanks for their flight going back home.






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Nice releases!! For the Humpback fulcrum i have the old Academy with Neomega conversion... I will use them!



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New MiG-29 "9-12" and "9-13" dedicated decals by Linden Hill.

Source: www.lindenhillimports.com

Both sets have been designed and sized specifically for the GWH kits. At this stage we have no plans to release them in anything other than 1/48 scale.

Available now:

More information here: http://www.lindenhillimports.com/lhd48032.htm

Available on May 10, 2013

More information here: http://www.lindenhillimports.com/lhd48033.htm
Subject matter on the 9-13 set covers a timeframe of 23 years, from the USSR's 115th GvIAP based near the Afghan border in 1990, up to the new Turkmen color scheme photographed in March 2013.

Both sets enable you to decorate multiple kits from one set of decals.


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I wonder if we're any closer to getting them into the UK at present? I'll email Creative since your post reminded me ;)

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