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HT's 1/72 F-15C Aggressor USAF

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I would say the best person in GB to check with is Mungo 1974, he has a wealth of knowledge on the F-15

Well i wouldn't go that far.....LOL.

From the factory the Bay5 area behind the cockpit was Blue/Green in all F-15A's and early F-15C's with AF78/79 tails.

F-15C's with AF80/86 tails are white.

To my knowledge all F-15J's are Blue/Green.



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Ah damb, it must have been a pre AF80 kite that i got the reference from then, plus the instructions are WRONG as well as they state blue/green. I didnt know when the change happend, nevermind, grey/green looks better.

Thanks for the heads up on future builds.

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Right hadnt made any further progress until yesterday then this lot happened.

Pit met fuselage and the main body got assembled. Intakes sprayed white and fs36231.


Then they met each other.


After a trip to hobbycraft to get my tin of hu47 (as i couldnt believe i didnt have one in amungst my 500 odd tinlets), I added a touch of white to the mixture and sprayed a couple of coats. She's very blue at the moment, needs the other colour to tone it down.


I'll now spray fs15109 on her and apray the U/C legs white.

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Made some more post GB progress on her.

2nd camo sprayed on.


Then sorted out here undercarrige along with her pylons.


Then on her wheels and added tyres and fule tanks. Just the other ordinance and decals.


Does anyone have an idea on what she would carry on them?

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Nice job! The box picture shows Sidewinders, mybe Airliners.net will show your other ordnance but I think Sidewinders are the most likely payload.


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