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Unimodel BF109 opinions.


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a detailed review here



possibly over engineered/fiddly, and the clear parts get panned.

Not seen any built up.   Never got around to ordering one, but has a lots of options.




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regarding the clear parts,  the 'square hood ' option from the Airfix 109E would be worth seeing if it will fit, as the center section is a 'G' type,  as the one Airfix mesured up at Hendon had a later 'G' type hood fitted.

I can't remember if the front canopy is useable on  'G' though, and am not about to dig into references right now....


I've been tempted by one, just not got around to a Hannants order...




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Built one OOB, 6 days in total (larger one in the pic).

Just patience and some extra dry-fitting required...

Some advice: assemble left and right fuselage sides separately, then glue evereyhing together. Much easier to align...



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